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18.01.2019 | 22:58
Diamond discs
Diamond core bits
Diamond cup wheels
for wide grinding
Saw blades

Diamond discs (sintered)
WA DD 125 TV Turbo cutting type - V-shaped diamond segments

Typ: Dry and wet cutting
  • Sliting for noise reduction
  • Clear cutting
  • V-shaped segments
  • Dust reduction
  • Millimeter-exactly
  • Little energy expenditure and power requirement

    Optimal suitable:
  • General purpose (stone), concrete, roof tiles, granite, granite slabs, drywall, hard stone, tile, basement stone, clinker, lava, magnesit stone, marble, natural & artificial stone, porphyry, slate, solnhofer, terazzo, clay pipes, travertin, facing brick, porotone, aggregated concrete, red brick, ceramics, compound plaster
    Caused suitable:
  • reinforced concrete, hard clinker, stoneware pipe


    Outside diameter, mm
    Thread, mm:

    WA DD 115 TV 115 20/22,23
    WA DD 125 TV 125 20/22,23
    WA DD 150 TV 150 20/22,23
    WA DD 180 TV 180 22,23/25,4/30
    WA DD 230 TV 230 22,23/25,4/30/50